Hauptsache Berlin

Öl ins Feuer aller soge- und selbsternannten Gentrifizierungsgegner: Folgende Nachricht aus Brasilien erreichte mich letzte Woche Dienstag (!) via Facebook.

Hi Fabian! How are you doing?

I am XXXX’s friend. She gave me your contact.

I have going to Berlin on thursday and I am looking for a place to stay until I can find a room to rent. By any chance is it possible to stay with you for a few days? Maybe until monday?

I don’t know if XX told me why I am going to Berlin but the main reason is to study cinematography and try to find a job as a director of photography (Film movies, commercials and TV Series). Do know anyone in this working field in Berlin that I could contact? Do you know as well someone the might need a room mate?

Thanks a lot for your attention!

(Namens-Auskreuzungen und Hervorhebung von mir)

Ihre Vorurteile über Berlin-Touristen und -Zugezogene setzen Sie bitte hier ein: _________________


Update 1:
Höflich wie ich bin, habe ich dem Absender, Y., einen Kontakt für eine mögliche Zwischenmiete gegeben. Seine Antwort:

„(…) I am waiting for my EU citizen to come out. If it works it can stay for a long term. Otherwise I will be back home in maybe 3 months or so.“

Update 2:
Die potentielle Zwischenvermieterin hat Kontakt mit Y. aufgenommen. Seine Antwort:

„(…) Is it EUR 500 for the whole 55 days? If yes, sounds good. I am interested. I would like to meet your friend and take a look at the apartment if it is possible.


Und sie:

„Dear Y,

No, I’m afraid that’s the monthly rent. Welcome to gentrified Neukölln…“

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